AEG Power Solutions became the Megawatt Sponsor of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR-2017,which will be held in Odessa, Ukraine 11-12 April 2017.

“3W Power Ukraine” LLC was founded in 2011 and is a subsidiary of 3W Power S.A. (Netherlands).

The main target of the company is to provide for the Ukrainian consumers with high-quality products and services that are part of AEG Power Solutions portfolio (Germany). The main products of “3W Power Ukraine” LLC are highly efficient and reliable central solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and DC systems. Based on years of experience, the company’s specialists provide a full range of installation and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment and systems produced by a group of AEG Power Solutions.

Today, the products offered by “3W Power Ukraine” LLC hold a leading position in its target market segments in Ukraine. The vast majority of large solar power plants equipped by inverters of AEG Power Solutions.9