Good news! Helios Strategia became the Megawatt Sponsor of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR-2017,which will be held in Odessa, Ukraine 11-12 April 2017.

Helios Strategia – international developer of photovoltaic projects. Company has 8 years of experience in the implementation of various categories of projects.

Advantages of company are
· Real knowledge of network;
· Supply of high-quality equipment from photovoltaic world leaders at competitive prices;
· Experience in the implementation of large-scale projects ;
· Our customers really got the green tariff

Technical specialists have real experience
· Connection of photovoltaic facilities to the networks;
· Development, design and feasibility studies;

Team will help you in realisazing your project from technical drawing and financial calculation to installation and after-sales service