Good news! LONGI Solar became the Kilowatt Sponsor of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR-2017,which will be held in Odessa, Ukraine 11-12 April 2017.

LONGI Solar Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2007, and has the registered capital of CNY 500 million.LONGI Solar’s headquarter is in Xi’an and the manufacture bases in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shaanxi. LONGI Solar is the wholly owned subsidiary of Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Co., Ltd (SH601012), which is the largest solar mono silicon wafer manufacturer in the world.

LONGI Solar is a manufacturer of highly efficient mono solar modules, with the 1GW production capacity, and concentrate on research, production and sales of mono solar modules, so as to prompt the application of mono silicon technology in the global photovoltaic market.